Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Nick Wiz - Cellar Selections 7 - Vinyl 2LP OUT NOW

We're back once again with Cellar Selections 7!  22 more tracks produced by NJ production mastermind Nick Wiz, primarily between '92 and '98.  Featured artists include Ran Reed, Shadowz in da Dark, Pudgee, Nautilus, Emskee and many more.  The 2LP vinyl comes in a white sleeve with an oversize sticker and is limited to 300 copies on black wax.  The vinyl is already pressed, no pre-orders.

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IMPORTANT: This release ships from Germany in early January!
As many of you know, the international shipping costs from the US have gone up a LOT recently.  Because the majority of you are in Europe, it finally made sense to move my pressing and shipping operations to Germany... this should mean that shipping costs will now be lower for many of you (plus you hopefully won't need to pay import taxes.)  Apologies to my friends in the US for whom prices will go up a bit.

COMBINED SHIPPING with Mark Sparks 'Kakalaka Raw' 2LP
Combined shipping is available with the DOPE new release on Crooked Cat Records by the very underrated Mark Sparks. His excellent 'Kakalaka Raw' compilation, originally a CD-only release from '96, is finally available on double vinyl. It's pressed and available now from:
If you want to order both these releases and save on shipping, simply place your orders with each of our stores - I will issue any refunds for combined shipping in early January.

1. Shadowz in da Dark - Crystal Dreams (1996)
2. Ran Reed - Makin' Power Moves (1997)
3. Vee O - Amazonian Queen (1993)
4. Dizaster - Losin' My Mind (1995)
5. Mad House - Young Girls are Jingling (1992)
6. Shadowz in da Dark w/ Shabaam - Ready 4 the War (1995)
7. Emskee - Bring It (1995)
8. Pudgee - Love Changes (1996)
9. Phantasm - Back to Basics (2000)
10. Unknown - Here it Goes (1992)
11. APB - I'm Steamin' (1993)
12. Pudgee w/ Wild Child & Hostile - Guns In Da Air (1994)
13. Nautilus - The Rain (1994)
14. Chaunce Lover - You Can't Trust 'Em (1993)
15. Mad House - The Boom Bip (1992)
16. Gauge - Step in the Ring (2000)
17. Ran Reed - Murderous Flow (First Remix) (1997)
18. Emskee - Don't Gamble With Your Life (1993)
19. Quannie - Uplifted (1994)
20. N-Tyce - I'm N-Tyce (1993)
21. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Knockin' Heads (1993)
22. Lord Have Mercy - Ice Cream (1994)