Sunday, April 21, 2013

[S2S022] - Fla Fla (Sparrow) + Debonair P - Timeless EP (Red / Green Vinyl)

Many thanks to everyone who picked up the Nick Wiz ‘Cellar Selections 2’ 2LP I released a couple weeks back, that record sold out crazy quick.  All copies of that release have now been shipped and should start reaching people soon.

I have another new release shipping very soon: Fla Fla’s “Timeless” EP on Six2Six Records.  Fla is the MC half of the group Sparrow who released indie classics such as 'Rhyme Impotence', 'Inheritence' and 'Physics' in the 90’s; he also appeared on several tracks off the Global Platoon EP I produced last year.  I produced, mixed and provided cuts on all 10 tracks on this new release which is limited to 300 copies (150 on clear red vinyl / 150 on clear green vinyl.)

The record is due to ship early-mid May, and can be pre-ordered (for $22 + postage) via the links below...

Outside Australia, purchase directly from Six2Six Records:

Inside Australia, purchase directly from me:

In Europe, several retailers are also taking pre-orders including Vinylism, HHV and Vinyl-Digital.

The 'Timeless' EP is one of 3 records that Six2Six Records is releasing as part of Record Store Day 2013.  The other two records are the Constant Deviants 'It's OK' 12" (including a remix produced by me) and Marco Polo's 'The Green' EP which was originally meant to be released by the ill-fated Goodfelons label.  I definitely recommend copping all 3!

Many thanks as always to those who continue to support my music and pick up the wax.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nick Wiz - Cellar Selections 2LP (1993-1997) [GRR008]

I'm excited to announce the latest vinyl release on GRR: Nick Wiz's "Cellar Selections 2" 2LP.  Hopefully most of you would familiar with Nick Wiz for his extensive and consistently dope 90's work with artists including the Cella Dwellas, Rakim, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Ran Reed, Chubb Rock etc.  Over the past couple of years, No Sleep Recordings has released three double CD's from Nick's archives containing material that had, for the most part, never been heard before.  While a 2LP containing some of these songs ("Cellar Selections 1") was released back in 2010, no further vinyl instalments seemed to be forthcoming.  Fortunately, I recently connected with No Sleep to make another 2LP release possible, containing 20 tracks taken primarily from the 1993 - 1997 period, containing songs from luminaries such as Cella Dwellas, Rakim, Pudgee, Ran Reed, Shadowz in da Dark and Emskee alongside underground favourites such as Hardwe're, Ill Mentality, Imperial, Native Assassins and more.  This is the first time that any of these songs have been on wax.

This record is limited to 250 copies on 2LP black vinyl with a sticker cover.  The price is $40 + postage for 1 copy or $75 + postage for 2 copies.  This isn't a pre-order - the records are pressed and are ready to be shipped to you from the US.

The record can be ordered from:

Here's the tracklist:

1. Hardwe're - The Bricks (1994)
2. LSD - Rowdy at the Party (1994)
3. Tross - Still Low (1994)
4. Ran Reed - Whutcha Want (1994)
5. Shadowz in da Dark - 11:45 (1995)
6. Ill Mentality - So Amazing (1995)
7. 195 - It's a Hit (1997)
8. Ran Reed - That Ain't Right (1997)
9. Pudgee - Your Girl (1994)
10. Native Assassins - Natives are Restless (1993)
11. Ran Reed - Top Choice (1995)
12. Emskee - How I Get Down (1994)
13. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Styles Upon Styles (1995)
14. Imperial - Sho Ya Right (1994)
15. Shadowz in da Dark - Untold Scrolls (1994)
16. Rakim - Milk & Honey (2000)
17. Nautilus - Smooth With Mine (1994)
18. Ran Reed - Deep Into the Text (1996)
19. Miilkbone - This One or That One (1993)
20. Cella Dwellas - Good Dwellas (Unreleased Remix) (1995)

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about ordering.  As always, thanks to everyone who supports the release

Special thanks to DL and No Sleep Recordings for making this one possible, and of course thanks to Nick Wiz and all the artists involved on the record.