Thursday, February 22, 2018

Nick Wiz - Cellar Instrumentals vol. 2 - 2xCD

By popular demand, this release features another 40 amazing instrumentals from the extremely talented and prolific Nick Wiz. This 2CD includes instrumental versions of classic tracks by Cella Dwellas, Ran Reed, Pudgee, Darc Mind, Mad Skillz, HDM and more PLUS a grip of dope 90s beats which were never used. The 2CD is limited to 250 copies and ships now.

Available: HERE

Pete Flux & Parental - Infinite Growth 2xCD

I've been a fan of this extremely dope duo since their first release and their debut album doesn't disappoint, with top notch production and MCing. This is the first 'new' release on GRR (after 12 years!) which I didn't self-produce, so it definitely comes highly recommended. This 2CD edition includes the original album plus the full instrumental version. Limited to 250 copies and shipping now!

Available now: HERE