Monday, November 21, 2011

Poolside Cover Art

Beautiful work from my man Nicko Phillips (you can check out more of his work: here) - we'll be announcing the full release details soon.  Rest assured the artwork looks especially nice on the vinyl!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Order Now: Steve Colossal / Debonair P - The City That Bleeds 7 Inch Vinyl

Steve Colossal - The City That Bleeds 7 Inch Vinyl - Snippets by Debonair P

Hey all,

I'm pleased to announce that the new 4 track 7 inch single I produced for Steve Colossal "The City That Bleeds" is now available for sale!  To purchase your copy from the good people at Six2Six records for just $8 US + shipping, please just click: Here

Buy 2 copies or more of the vinyl and be in the running to win a test press of the record on black vinyl - I have 3 to give away!  The wax should be shipping out from next week if all goes well.

For those of you without turntables, this release is also available as a digital single including instrumental versions of all 4 tracks, again for $8 US.  You can also purchase that by clicking: Here

Big thanks in advance to anyone who picks up the release - the support is much appreciated!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Steve Colossal + Debonair P = The City That Bleeds 7" Vinyl

Hey all,

I am very pleased to announce another new piece of wax I have coming out in the very near future - a new 7" vinyl with Steve Colossal.  For those who don't know, Steve released dope records in the mid-late 90's both solo and with the Baltimore crew Global Platoon.  After I remixed one of his joints 'Time to Shine' on my Remixes LP earlier this year, Steve got in touch with me and we put a few joints together.  The release is on translucent red vinyl featuring 4 cuts (2 tracks + 2 remixes) and will be available for the very affordable price of $8 a record.  Buy 2 or more copies and be in the running for a test pressing of the release!

Full ordering details will be posted in the very near future.

As always, any support is much appreciated!

Monday, October 10, 2011

[GRR005] Low Budget - Poolside... Test Pressings!

While things may have been a little quiet on the Low Budget front recently, it is not due to inactivity.  We have been busy getting everything organised for our new release Poolside!  As a lifetime record collector, one of the most important things for me in making music is having it available on vinyl, so it's always exciting when the test pressings arrive.  I received the tests for Poolside in the mail today, and they sound great!  While the test pressings are regular black vinyl as you can see, the finished records will be clear blue (of course) in a very nice picture sleeve.  Like our first 2 albums, quantities will be limited to 250 copies.  I will announce release dates and ordering info in due course.  In the meanwhile, you can listen to the single 'A Hard Act To Follow,' both the original and remix versions of this track will be on the wax!

Low Budget - A Hard Act To Follow (Original) by LowBudget
Low Budget - A Hard Act To Follow (Remix) by LowBudget

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Debonair P - Album-Only Tracks Mixtape (2010)

Hey all,

I thought I would throw up this quick mix I put together last year.  This one is a little different from my usual mixes in that I played more than one verse from each song.  The gimmick here is that none of the tracks were ever released as singles, compilation tracks etc - everything here is album tracks from 95-97 only.  I guess all this material will be familiar to the discerning listener, but maybe you'll enjoy it anyway.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Debonair P - Debonair Blends 6 Megamix (2010)

I can't believe it's already been more than 2 months since my last post... Thank you firstly to everyone who has supported the Debonair Remixes release, both those that downloaded and especially those who picked up the vinyl.  All the support and feedback recieved has been very much appreciated!  I have only about 10 copies left of the record in stock so just shoot me an email if you still need a copy.

Anyway, back to the program - here is another instalment in my megamix series.  I put this together early last year and it covers material mainly from the 92-94 era.  Check out the download link and tracklist after the jump.  Enjoy!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Debonair P - Remixes LP (Limited Vinyl / Free Download)


Earlier this year I was between jobs and had a lot of time to kill, so I put together a bunch of remixes of mid-90's independent records.  I was really happy with the final product, so decided to press the finished mini-LP up on some vinyl limited to 150 copies.  After a slightly nervous wait, the wax arrived in the mail from the US last week and it looks / sounds great!  Keep scrolling down the page to listen.

The record comes in a plain black sleeve with colour labels and is $20 AUD (Australian Dollars) per copy + postage.  I have listed the postage prices below - unfortunately the strong Australian dollar currently makes international postage expensive for overseas buyers, so the record comes with a free bonus mix-CD to make the package better value.  Please note that this record is completely a break-even enterprise for me, so I cannot do discounts for multiple copies - however, combined shipping is available so just ask me for prices.  Likewise, if you require registered post, please just ask me.  Payment is available in Australia by bank transfer or PayPal, international orders are PayPal only.

To order, please email me at: Debonair [dot] P [at] gmail [dot] com

Let me know your shipping address and number of copies required and I'll contact you with my details.

Shipping Prices:

Within Australia - $8 AUD
Japan / Korea / Singapore - $15 AUD
Europe (UK, Germany, France, Scandinavia etc) - $20 AUD
USA / Canada - $17 AUD

****Sea-Mail is also available for cheaper rates than the above, but can take up to 3 months.***

Again, if you have any questions about postage, combining orders etc just email me. 

Now to the music!  You can download the entire album by clicking here and it is all available to listen below.  Hope you guys enjoy it!

Intro by Debonair P

Trybal Men - Down Like That (Debonair P Remix) by Debonair P

Steve Colossal - Time To Shine (Debonair P Remix) by Debonair P

Hi-Tech - 24 7 (Debonair P Remix) by Debonair P

Great Deity Dah - Running Off With Your Cognitive Patterns (Debonair P Remix) by Debonair P

Gauge & Cella Dwellas - Cranium (Debonair P Remix) by Debonair P

Ram Squad - Keep It Real (Debonair P Remix) by Debonair P

Big O - Shmoov Wit Da Ruffness (Debonair P Remix) by Debonair P

Munk Wit Da Funk - Money (Debonair P Remix) by Debonair P

Outro by Debonair P

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Debonair P - Debonair Blends 5 Megamix (2009)

Here is part 5 in my megamix series, hope you guys enjoy it.  This mix (as well as (part 4 and the yet-to-be-posted parts 6, 7 and 8) are now available on full colour CD's at the low low price of $5 each, or 5 discs for $20 - just shoot us a message at magnasound_enterprises[at] - for everyone else, the download link and tracklist come after the jump.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Debonair P - Debonair Blends 4 Mixtape (2008)

I realised I hadn't posted anything of substance for a while, so here is Part Four of my hip hop megamix series.  This was the first one I pressed on CD - do you own a copy?  Download link and tracklist come after the jump, enjoy.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Low Budget LIVE This Friday 15/4

Hi guys,

This Friday we're playing our first headline show in more than a year, at Revolver on Chapel Street (Melbourne).  We took a long hiatus last year and are looking forward to playing live again - we'll be playing several new songs from the upcoming EP too.  Tickets are $12 but a bit cheaper via Moshtix - click here

We would love to see you there!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Da Fat Cat Clique - Watchitsucka (Debonair P Remix) (2000/2011)

Fat Cat Clique - Watchitsucka (Debonair P Remix) by Debonair P

Da Fat Cat Clique from Philadelphia released some great records through the nineties.  'Watchitsucka' was one of the singles off their CD-only album 'Ode to the Cool Cat' (re-released as 'Fat Cat Clique'.)  Anyway, I couldn't resist the temptation to flip this one on the disco tip.  Enjoy.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Debonair P - Ed O.G Megamix (2004)

This was the first megamix I did focussed on a single artist, gathering much of the legendary Boston MC's album work, guest appearances, compilation tracks etc.  I did the mix way back in 2004, hence why it doesn't include Edo's more recent efforts with Special Teamz and Masta Ace (and of course there were a couple of joints I forgot about until after I finished recording.)  There aren't many other MC's who've managed to maintain 20 year careers, props to Ed.  The download link and tracklist are after the jump, enjoy.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scientifik - Jungles of da East (Debonair P Remix) (1994/2010)

Scientifik - Jungles of the East (Debonair P Remix) by Debonair P

Scientifik was a great underrated MC from Boston who unfortunately passed away in 1996 while his excellent debut album 'Criminal' from 1994 remained unheard by most, despite featuring an all-star production line-up from Diamond, Buckwild, RZA etc (an earlier collection of demos was posthumosly released as 'The Most Blunted' LP.)  Anyway, I was compiling this collection of Scientifik's non-album tracks last year and threw together this remix as a bonus track - the beat is an old one from like 2003 that I never did anything with but always kinda liked.  Hope you guys dig it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Debonair P - Debonair Blends 2 Mixtape (2005)

Firstly, thank you everyone who checked out the new Low Budget single - all the feedback we've received has been excellent and very motivating.  The launch on Thursday night was fun too, thank you to all who came and partied with us.  Anyway, here is another one of my hip hop megamixes from the archives - approximately 65 classics, personal favourites and new (well, new in 2005) releases.  The download link and tracklist come after the jump, enjoy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'A Hard Act To Follow' - Out Today!

Low Budget - A Hard Act To Follow (Original) by LowBudget

Low Budget - A Hard Act To Follow (Remix) by LowBudget

Our new single 'A Hard Act To Follow' is out today!  The single contains the original and remix versions of the track, and is available for free download from the following places...

If you dig it, please spread the word.  This is the first single from our new EP which is called 'Poolside' and should be out in May or so.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Low Budget single 'A Hard Act To Follow' - Out This Thursday (24/2) / Win a Free Copy!

Our new single is called 'A Hard Act To Follow' and it will be a free download from everywhere this Thursday.  We also manufactured a very limited amount of promo CD copies, and have 10 to give away.  For your chance to win a copy of this future collectible, just send us an email at - winners will also receive a copy of the equally rare 'Freak Mystique' CD single.  Winners will be contacted next Sunday (27/2/10.)  Check out the press release after the jump for more info on this hotly anticipated release!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Debonair P - Debonair Blends 1 Mixtape (2004)


I have recorded a bunch of mixtapes over the years, but 2004 was when I got my first computer and made the transition from recording onto tape to recording onto disk.  Anyway, this mix is in a similar format to all the other mixes I've done since then - 60 to 70 tracks spread over the space of an hour or so.  There is no theme to this edition - just favourite songs and new releases I was feeling at the time.  Hope you enjoy it - the download link and tracklist come after the jump.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Low Budget Mixtape (2005)

It’s been almost six years since we released this CD and I still get emails from people asking where they can find a copy, so I figured this would make a good upload.  This mixtape was the first time most people heard our music and it’s a combination of tracks we recorded for our first album Magnasound, remixes of tracks that were on our first demo, as well as a bunch of stuff we recorded one day in early 2005 specifically for this project.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Greetings dear reader!

Welcome to the Gentleman's Relief Records blog.  Gentleman's Relief (GRR for short) is a label my recording partner Gentleman Gene and I (Debonair P) started in 2006 prior to the release of our first album as the group Low Budget.  In the years since then, we have recorded another album, played a bunch of shows and done lots of other good stuff.  The aim of this site is to share some of the music we have done as a group, in addition to solo work, non-Low Budget output (such as my DJ mixes etc), remixes, interviews and more.  We have a new single and EP/album due for release in the coming months so it is sure to be a busy year.  Any feedback is always appreciated so don't be shy.

Until next time,

Debonair P & Gentleman Gene