Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Debonair P - Debonair Blends 4 Mixtape (2008)

I realised I hadn't posted anything of substance for a while, so here is Part Four of my hip hop megamix series.  This was the first one I pressed on CD - do you own a copy?  Download link and tracklist come after the jump, enjoy.

**LINK UPDATED 4 JULY 2012** Download: HERE


OC - Everidae
Beyond There - Slummental
Eclipse - My Position
Grandaddy I.U. - Mack of the Year
Cella Dwellas - Perfect Match (Instrumental)
Juggaknots - Namesake
Teflon - Get Mine (Instrumental)
Xperado - All Night
AZ - Gimme Yours RMX
Vooodu - One Life to Live
Sean C - Mellow Madness
All City - After Hours
Mic Geronimo - For the Family
Encore - Ice Age
Thrust - Rage RMX
J-Treds - Make it Happen
Ran Reed - Enough
Basement Khemists - Vibrate
Nick Wiz - Four Elements
Milano - Show Em
Pete Rock & Large Pro - The Rap World
IG Off & Hazardous - This Ain't Livin
Masta Ace - Observations
Coloured Section - Hip Hop
AK Skills - One Life ta Live
Cunninlinguists - Dirty Acres
Jaz-O - Kingz Kounty
World Renown - How Nice I Am
Frankenstein - Sparkin Intellect
Organized Konfsion - Decisions
Cru - Nuthin But
Fat Joe - Find That (VR RMX)
Forefathers - Glory
Great Ones - That Ni@@a
Big Shug - Play It
Chubb Rock - Clear The Decks
Brainsick Enterprize - Time To Shine
Large Pro - Oh Winz
Choclair - Just a Second RMX
Kollabo Brothers - My Flows To Blow RMX
King Tee - Cali Expert
Shortie No Mass - U Like My Style
Pitch Black - Its All Real
Maspyke - Truth in Position
Ed OG - Shed A Tear
K Terroribul - MC Chronicles
Red Hot Lover Tone - BMW


  1. what is name of track beetween AK Skills - One Life ta Live and Cunninlinguists - Dirty Acres ?

  2. Yo CIW, the joint between AK Skills & Cunninlinguists is: QNC - repertoire. Peace / ALL.LOVE