Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Debonair P - Album-Only Tracks Mixtape (2010)

Hey all,

I thought I would throw up this quick mix I put together last year.  This one is a little different from my usual mixes in that I played more than one verse from each song.  The gimmick here is that none of the tracks were ever released as singles, compilation tracks etc - everything here is album tracks from 95-97 only.  I guess all this material will be familiar to the discerning listener, but maybe you'll enjoy it anyway.

**LINK UPDATED 4 JULY 2012** Download: HERE

Jeru The Damaja - Whatever
Rakim - When I'm Flowin
Chubb Rock - The Mind
Mad Skillz - All In It
EPMD - Get With This
OC - The Crow
Royal Flush - International Currency
Organized Konfusion - Invetro
Cella Dwellas - Medina Style
The Roots - It Just Don't Stop
Sadat X - Sauce For Birdheads
Illy Funkstaz - Gotta Get Da Cheese
OGC - God Don't Like Ugly
Artifacts - The Interview
Alkaholiks - 21 & Under

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  1. Something's wrong with the download link unfortunately - a "permission denied" sign pops us when trying to download. Any chance of fixing this or re-upping the mix? Best. / ALL.LOVE