Monday, October 10, 2011

[GRR005] Low Budget - Poolside... Test Pressings!

While things may have been a little quiet on the Low Budget front recently, it is not due to inactivity.  We have been busy getting everything organised for our new release Poolside!  As a lifetime record collector, one of the most important things for me in making music is having it available on vinyl, so it's always exciting when the test pressings arrive.  I received the tests for Poolside in the mail today, and they sound great!  While the test pressings are regular black vinyl as you can see, the finished records will be clear blue (of course) in a very nice picture sleeve.  Like our first 2 albums, quantities will be limited to 250 copies.  I will announce release dates and ordering info in due course.  In the meanwhile, you can listen to the single 'A Hard Act To Follow,' both the original and remix versions of this track will be on the wax!

Low Budget - A Hard Act To Follow (Original) by LowBudget
Low Budget - A Hard Act To Follow (Remix) by LowBudget

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