Friday, September 9, 2011

Debonair P - Debonair Blends 6 Megamix (2010)

I can't believe it's already been more than 2 months since my last post... Thank you firstly to everyone who has supported the Debonair Remixes release, both those that downloaded and especially those who picked up the vinyl.  All the support and feedback recieved has been very much appreciated!  I have only about 10 copies left of the record in stock so just shoot me an email if you still need a copy.

Anyway, back to the program - here is another instalment in my megamix series.  I put this together early last year and it covers material mainly from the 92-94 era.  Check out the download link and tracklist after the jump.  Enjoy!

**LINK UPDATED 22 OCTOBER 2012** Download: HERE


Society – F.U.N.K
Jemini – Brooklyn Kids (Remix)
B.U.M.s – Take A Look Around (VR Remix)
Showbiz & AG – I’m Not the One (Remix)
YG’z – Ghetto Celeb
Boogiemonsters – Honey Dips in Gotham (Remix)
Dredknotz – Respect
Black Moon – Murder MCs
Ground Floor – One Two
Big Shug – Do What Pays Ya
Black Sheep – North East South West (Remix)
Artifacts – Dynamite Soul II
Heavy D – It’s A New Day
Youngstas – Mad Props (Remix)
The Roots – Distortion To Static (Remix)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Take You There (Remix)
Cella Dwellas – Land Of the Lost (Instrumental)
Scientifik – Yeah Daddy
Dirt Nation – Khadijah
K Terroribul – Ruthless Confrontation
Microphone Prince – Trunk of Funk (Remix)
Pudgee – Keep Your Coat On
Da Bush Babees – Remember We (Remix)
Red Hot Lover Tone – Give It Up (Remix)
N-Tense – Watch His Back
Thrust – Do You Understand
Ghetto Concept – E-Z On the Motion
Kay Gee – U.N.I.T.Y (Instrumental)
Rakim – Last Resort
Grand Daddy IU – The Real Mack
Capital Tax – The Masha (Remix)
Shadz of Lingo – Think I Give a f*ck?
People Without Shoes – Green Shoelaces (Instrumental)
Masta Ace – Sittin On Chrome (Pitkin Ave Remix)
Fat Joe & Grand Puba – Watch The Sound (Remix)
Evil Twinz – Redrum
Alkaholiks – Relieve Yourself
Beatnuts – Hellraiser (Remix)
Zhigge – Riddles That Rap, Riddles That Rhyme
Top Quality – I Can’t Hear You
MC Shan – Pee Nile Reunion
Brothers Uv Da Blackmarket – Livin In Da Bottle
Urban Thermo Dynamics – My King Fu (Remix)
Souls of Mischief – Get the Girl
EC – Ill State of Mind
Ubad – The Legacy
Slick Rick – Cuz It’s Wrong
Edo G – Less Than Zero
De’1 & K-Def – Uneke
Main Source – Where We’re Coming From
Juice With Soul – Body Armor
Digable Planets – Where I’m From (Aural G Ride)
Ali Dee – Tap Skinz (Remix)
Hard 2 Obtain – Ghetto Diamond
Rough House Survivors – Rough House (Remix)
Trendz of Culture – Crotch Ripper / Mad Speaker
Kurious & Casual – What’s the Real
UMC’s – Staten Island Comes First
Double X Posse – Executive Class
Intelligent Hoodlum – At Large (Marley Mix)
Madkap – Proof Is In the Puddin’ (Remix)
A.D.L. – Daddy
Da King & I – Kingpin
Hansoul Project – For the Ni@@as
Jaz B Latin – Set It Off (Mista Lawnge mix)
Lil Fame – Bring the Rukas
Dred Scott – Can’t Hold Back
Main Source – Faking the Funk (Remix)


  1. thanks so much for putting these up dude!
    such good tunes and so perfectly blended together!
    love what you do!
    keep it up!

  2. Hey Timmy, thanks for the feedback! A lot of work goes into these mixes so the words are definitely appreciated.

  3. Hey dude, seeing as Megaupload got shut down, this is unavailable to download, and looking at the tracklist I can tell this will be a great mix, wondering if you could reupload it somewhere like rapidshare so i could have a listen, can't find it anywhere else!

  4. Hey Alamo - thanks for the message... yeah it's a real pain in the ass that all these mixes went down. I'll try to upload them all again in the very near future. Peace!

  5. Finally updated the link. Enjoy!

  6. Great series of mixes!!

    Unfortunately, it looks like this one is down again. :-(

    1. Thanks for the feedback Eric! Yeah it seems like someone reported a few of these mixes for copyright infringement :S I will try to re-up the dead ones ASAP.

    2. Finally re-upped!