Friday, February 4, 2011

Low Budget Mixtape (2005)

It’s been almost six years since we released this CD and I still get emails from people asking where they can find a copy, so I figured this would make a good upload.  This mixtape was the first time most people heard our music and it’s a combination of tracks we recorded for our first album Magnasound, remixes of tracks that were on our first demo, as well as a bunch of stuff we recorded one day in early 2005 specifically for this project.

We originally gave copies of the mixtape out on burnt CD’s in stapled up paper packages, but eventually got a bunch of copies properly pressed up – I forget the exact numbers but we must have given out about 2000 copies by the time our album came out 18 months later in late 2006.  Some of the stuff on the CD makes us cringe a little now, but it definitely did its job of getting us in people’s ears and we were both really happy (and surprises) about how much good feedback we got about it at the time.  Enjoy.