Thursday, February 3, 2011


Greetings dear reader!

Welcome to the Gentleman's Relief Records blog.  Gentleman's Relief (GRR for short) is a label my recording partner Gentleman Gene and I (Debonair P) started in 2006 prior to the release of our first album as the group Low Budget.  In the years since then, we have recorded another album, played a bunch of shows and done lots of other good stuff.  The aim of this site is to share some of the music we have done as a group, in addition to solo work, non-Low Budget output (such as my DJ mixes etc), remixes, interviews and more.  We have a new single and EP/album due for release in the coming months so it is sure to be a busy year.  Any feedback is always appreciated so don't be shy.

Until next time,

Debonair P & Gentleman Gene

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