Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scientifik - Jungles of da East (Debonair P Remix) (1994/2010)

Scientifik - Jungles of the East (Debonair P Remix) by Debonair P

Scientifik was a great underrated MC from Boston who unfortunately passed away in 1996 while his excellent debut album 'Criminal' from 1994 remained unheard by most, despite featuring an all-star production line-up from Diamond, Buckwild, RZA etc (an earlier collection of demos was posthumosly released as 'The Most Blunted' LP.)  Anyway, I was compiling this collection of Scientifik's non-album tracks last year and threw together this remix as a bonus track - the beat is an old one from like 2003 that I never did anything with but always kinda liked.  Hope you guys dig it.

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