Monday, June 11, 2012

[S2S016] - Global Platoon 'G8 Summit' (Vinyl / Tape) - OUT NOW

This is a heads up that I have a new release available on wax and cassette.  The ‘G8 Summit’ EP features the Baltimore crew Global Platoon, consisting of M.I. (Constant Deviants), Fla Fla (Sparrow the Movement), Steve Colossal, Bosch, Supreme and Rome – in addition to dropping 2 excellent singles as a group in 1997 (‘Crew Family b/w Keep Your Day Job’ and ‘Streets of Gold’), individually they are responsible for a bunch of essential independent records from the mid-90's era - you can check many of these out at the end of this post.

‘G8 Summit’ is available now on purple vinyl with a sticker cover (featuring 8 tracks, limited to 300 copies) and purple cassette (featuring 16 (!) tracks, extremely limited to only 75 copies.)  I produced and mixed all songs, in addition to providing all the cuts.  You can preview several tracks below: 

Here are the ordering details for the release:

Outside Australia: Please order directly from Six2Six Records in Baltimore, as they can ship cheaper to most places than I can, especially if you are buying a few items.  They have a small quantity of my previous release with M.I. ‘The Allnighter’ EP and some excellent archive releases from underrated Baltimore groups like WolfeDOM Nation, New Testament and SCU.  You can buy all this good stuff here:

In Australia: I have a small number of copies on wax, and an even smaller quantity on cassette – I’m sold out of my previous records on Six2Six so don’t sleep.  Buy them both from the Gentleman’s Relief store here:

Regardless of where you buy them from, everything is in stock and ready to ship now.  Many thanks as always to those of you who support these releases and make them possible!  Shout outs to Six2Six and of course Global Platoon for having me involved on the project.

Classic Global Platoon joints for those who slept:

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  1. I saw the main album on Google play music which included the bonus track Master movement. On bandcamp, the digital album has Manifest, Master movement, Backspin, & the remix version of No Man's Land. I wish the whole album was on Bandcamp including Chrome along with iTunes. That's one dope album with the Global platoon supergroup collaborating with Debonair P. Why can't I find Chrome on Bandcamp? That's a rare track.