Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Debonair P - Debonair Blends 9 Megamix (2012)

Thanks a lot to everyone who copped the Polarity & Lex LP we released in January - the response and feedback on that one was unexpected and overwhelming with the release selling out within about 12 hours.  For those who missed the vinyl, there should be a very limited CD version out soon.

While there is a new GRR vinyl release just around the corner, here is a megamix I put together last year.  This one focusses on the 97-99 period.  I can't front, it's not my favourite era in hip hop as it was when a lot of artists really fell off the rails (and a lot of production from '99 onwards has dated pretty badly), but there was some interesting music coming out.  I tried to capture on this mix a lot of the stuff I was listening to at the time as well as a few records I only came across years after the fact.  Hopefully there is something new here for everyone.  Get the download link and tracklist after the jump...

Download the mix: HERE


OC  - Jewelz
McGruff - Destined To Be
Kutfather - Thoughts I Generate
Vakill - Dungeons 2 Rooftops
Pete Rock - Mind Blowin'
Nick Wiz - Finally
Boogiemonsters - Whoever You Are
Global Platoon - Crew Family
Danja Mowf - Make It Hot
Encore - The Undercover (Remix)
HDM - The Professional
Godfather Don - Y?
Black Moon - Weight of the World
Natural Elements - Paper Chase
Main One - Something Special
Souljerz Of Fortune - Two of a Kind
Imperial One - Madness
Brand Nubian - Brand Nubian
Genius - Beneath The Surface
Mood - Secrets of the Sand (Remix)
EZD & Guru - For Da Love
Kombo - I Don't Stop
Coloured Section - Tabitha
Unspoken Heard - Setting Sun
Grassroots - Thematics
AG - Underground Life
Hieroglyphics - One Life One Love
Planet Asia & 427 - Bringin It Back
Organized Konfusion - Somehow Someway
Artifacts - Where Yo Skillz At?
Ed OG - I Feel You
Truth Enola & De La Soul - Voicetress
All Natural - Prime Suspect
Royal Flush - Can't Help It (Remix)
X-Ecutioners & E Bros - Raida's Theme
Black Attack - Correct Techniques
MF Grimm - Landslide (Remix)
Rufus Blaq - Ambush Crew
Shadowman - Necessity
Shadez of Brooklyn - Paradise
Constant Deviants - 8th Wonder
Masterminds - I'm Talented
Big Daddy Kane - Definitely
Frankie Cutlass & Doo Wop - Boriquas On The Set (Remix)
Lord Finesse - Vinyl Athletes (Reprisal Remix)
Capital A - All Day
Cella Dwellas - It's Time
Major Stress - Sippin Yo Mo
Cru - My Everlovin'
A-Plus (Souls of Mischief) - A to the P
Rasco - What Y'all Wanna Do
Black Star - Respiration (Instrumental)
Boot Camp Clik - Follow Me
AZ - It's A Boy Thing
Pudgee - Kill You
Big Jaz - Jaz-O
Brotherhood - Dungeon Town (Instrumental)
Yah Supreme - Only Human
The Nonce - The Sight of Things
All City - Stay Awake
Cocoa Brovaz - Back 2 Life
Saukrates - Wonderful World
Walking Large & J-Live - Interaction
Solitair - Silver Surfer
Common - High Expectations
Rob Swift - I'm Leaving
Yeshua DaPoed - Head Bop

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