Wednesday, July 10, 2013

OMNISCENCE - Sharp Objects EP + Instrumental EP + Cassette!

I'm excited to announce the release of the new EP from North Carolina's Omniscence!  I'm sure you are all familiar with Omniscence from his 90's releases such as the Funky One Liner EP, the singles 'Touch Y'all' and 'Amazin', and his long-unreleased album 'The Raw Factor' which is finally seeing the light of day thanks to Dope Folks.  This new EP release picks up from the 'Raw Factor 2.0' 7" single that I produced and released last year with Omni. There are a couple of versions of the record available including, different colours of vinyl, a limited edition instrumental record and an even more limited gold cassette, see the details below.  Everything is pressed and in stock, and will ship to you from the US over the next week or so.

Outside Australia, you can purchase the release here:
Inside Australia, you can purchase the release here (expected to ship next week):

Sharp Objects Vinyl EP (10 vocal tracks)

Sharp Objects features 10 vocal tracks (including several remixes) of new Omniscence material and is produced and mixed by me.  This release comes in a picture cover and is limited to 300 copies – 150 on clear purple vinyl and 150 on blue swirl vinyl.  The price is $24 for 1 copy or $44 for doubles (one copy of each colour.)  Listen to the snippets below...

Sharp Objects INSTRUMENTAL EP (14 instrumentals + 2 bonus remixes)

Several people have asked me about doing instrumental versions of my releases so I decided to do a super limited instrumental version of this one.  Featuring 14 abridged instrumentals (including instrumentals from the Raw Factor 2.0 single) plus 2 bonus remixes that we couldn't fit on the main record, this release is limited to 150 copies on black vinyl.  It comes in a picture cover (same cover design as the vocal EP).  The price is $24.  Listen to the snippets below...

Sharp Objects GOLD CASSETTE (12 Vocal Tracks + 12 Instrumentals)

The tape version of Sharp Objects features all 12 vocal tracks from the 2 vinyl records and 12 unabridged instrumentals.  90 minutes of flavour on a gold cassette.  The tapes are limited to 50 copies and are $15.

Digital Release

Regardless of what you buy, every physical product order comes with a free download of the digital versions of the vocal and instrumental releases.  You will receive an order confirmation email from BigCartel after you order which contains the download link.   

For those of you who would only like to purchase the digital version of the EP, you can get that here: 

It will also be available from iTunes and other sites in the coming days.

Shipping Details

Orders will be shipped out over the next week.  I now ship the majority of my releases from the US to help keep the shipping costs lower than if I were to send orders from Australia.  I have found the US post to be a bit slow to some countries, so please be patient but don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a question regarding your order.  We send all packages as gifts with a low value ($5-$10) – however, some packages still seem to get stuck at customs when sending to Germany.  If you would like your package sent insured, with tracking or anything else out of the ordinary please just email me to organise this.

Thank You!

As always, thanks for the support of my releases – it is extremely appreciated.  If you have any questions please get in touch.

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