Wednesday, July 15, 2015

[GRR022] Sleestack'z - Behind The Iron Curtain + Bonus Tracks (2LP Vinyl)

As a major fan of 'Behind the Iron Curtain', the previously CD/tape-only 1996 album by the 4 man NY/Atlanta crew Sleestack'z, GRR is excited to be releasing the long overdue 2LP vinyl version of this cult classic.  Featuring all 18 tracks from the original album PLUS 3 bonus joints recorded around the same time, this is a must-have for any fans of 90s hip hop.  The vinyl is limited to 300 copies (100 on clear vinyl, 200 on black vinyl) and comes in a white jacket with oversize sticker, as well as printed liner notes on the history of the group and making of the album.

Test pressings have been approved and the vinyl is due to be pressed in the next week or two.  All orders are due to be shipped out by the end of August.

Buy the vinyl now from HERE

The tracklist for the 2LP is:
1. Intro
2. All You Want
3. Crystal Clear
4. X-Filez
5. Bulletproof Shootouts
6. Ruination
7. Murderlize
8. Raw Raps
9. Live Hardknox
10. Word To The Wise
11. Wealth & Real Estate
12. Troublez & Trialz
13. Satisfaction
14. Kings of Kaos
15. Play The Victim
16. Aqua
17. Crystal Clear (Rusty Water Mix)
18. Behind The Iron Curtain
19. Verbal Abuse
20. The Darkness
21. Weed Runner

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